About Us

Circa 1920's

2017 marks the 95th Anniversary of the William J. Hirten Company! Shown is a photograph from the 1920’s at its 25 Barclay Street location in downtown Manhattan. Barclay Street was a bustling center for Catholic Goods and church supplies during the early to mid-20th Century.

The Hirten Company was started by William J. Hirten in 1922. Before retiring in the early 50’s, he built the company into one of the largest religious product & church good suppliers in the world. A couple of Hirten’s salesmen, including Consalvo Castellano, bought the business from William as partnership owners. Each one took on a different facet of running the Church Supply/Religious Products venture. Consalvo eventually became the sole proprietor of Hirten. He later moved the company to the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, NY, where it had been for over 50 years.

During the 1970’s, Consalvo’s daughter, Dolores, entered the family business. Dolores became the principal of Hirten and ran the company until 2007. At that time, a new partnership was formed with the Bonella family of Milan, Italy.

Hirten is now located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, where over 9 years of product development with the Bonella Library of Catholic Art was combined with the wide inventory of religious items that Hirten developed over 90 years, as an industry leader in distributing wholesale religious gifts and Catholic church supplies. This partnership has brought about the resurrection of the Hirten line of religious products. We will continue to offer our customers fine Catholic supplies, with special attention to service and quality.